Driving in the rain

By Alicia Jarvis
Updated on August 1, 2021


What’s the minimum time gap you should leave when following a vehicle on a wet road?

Four seconds –¬†Water will impair the traction of your tyres on the road. In wet weather, the recommended separation space of at least two seconds in dry conditions should be doubled to at least four seconds.



Is driving in the rain dangerous?

Driving in the rain can make visibility worse since vehicles (especially large ones) throw up more spray at greater speeds.

So utilise your headlights to make yourself visible to other road users. Use rear fog lights only if visibility is less than 100 metres (328 feet).

When the weather is bad, you should always:

  • Slow down. Driving at lower speeds is safer.
  • Adjust your speed to the conditions and leave greater separation distances, at least double the regular spacing.



Does driving in wet weather increase your stopping distance?

Driving in wet weather will increase your stopping distance by twice the distance in normal weather. This means you should leave at least a 4-second time gap between vehicles in frount.