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Find everything you have to know about highway code for your theory test.

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Defensive driving on the motorway

You’re travelling on the motorway. How can you lower the risk of a collision when the vehicle behind is following too closely?  Increase your distance

Highway Code

The MOT lowdown

Your car requires an MOT certificate. When is it legal to drive it without an MOT certificate?  When driving to an appointment at an MOT

Highway Code

What’s the deal with puffin crossings

Which colour follows the green signal at a puffin crossing?  Knowing the correct colours on every crossing is crucial for successful driving. Steady amber follows

Highway Code

Using slip roads on motorways

What colour are the reflective studs between a motorway and a slip road? Green – Normally, the studs between the roadway and the hard shoulder are

Highway Code

Motorcycle crash dos and don’ts

You arrive at the scene of a motorcycle crash. The rider is injured. When should their helmet be removed? Only when it is essential – Remove