Using slip roads on motorways

By Alicia Jarvis
Updated on July 29, 2021


What colour are the reflective studs between a motorway and a slip road?

Green – Normally, the studs between the roadway and the hard shoulder are red. When there is a slip road, these studs turn green, making it easier to detect slip roads when visibility is poor or it is dark.


Using slip roads on junctions 

Some junctions also have a slip road. Before entering the sliproad, get into the left lane as soon as possible. Then you’ll be able to slow down and turn left without causing a bottleneck in traffic.


Slip road blind spots

It may be necessary to examine blind spots while driving on occasion. These blind spots will be on either side and should just require a quick sideways glance rather than a complete 360-degree turn.

Be sure to take a side glance before joining a motorway or dual carriageway from a slip road.

Recognise other drivers’ blind spots and avoid staying in them for longer than necessary.