Motorcycle crash dos and don’ts

By Alicia Jarvis
Updated on July 28, 2021


You arrive at the scene of a motorcycle crash. The rider is injured. When should their helmet be removed?

Only when it is essential – Remove a motorcyclist’s helmet only if absolutely necessary. Keep in mind that they could be in shock. You should not give them anything to eat or drink, but you should reassure them positively.

The critical piece of advice is to remove the helmet only if it is absolutely necessary to keep the person’s airway open. If the casualty is conscious, you can assist them in undoing the neck strap if it allows them to breathe easier.


Dealing with other people involved

Uninjured people should be moved away from the vehicles involved and to a safe location.

This should be aside from the carriageway, hard shoulder, or central reservation on a highway. If a casualty is trapped in a car, do not relocate them unless they are in danger. Be prepared to provide first aid.