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Find everything you have to know about highway code for your theory test.

Highway Code

Obstructions in the road

What should you do when there’s an obstruction on your side of the road? Give way to oncoming traffic – If you must pass a parked

Highway Code

How to keep your tyres legal

What makes your tyres illegal? If they have any large, deep cuts in the sidewall – The legal limit for tyre tread depth on a car

Highway Code

What are the national speed limits?

What’s the national speed limit on motorways for cars and motorcycles? Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on a motorway or dual carriageway is 70 mph for

Highway Code

Provisional licence restrictions

What restrictions apply to people who have a provisional driving licence? They can’t drive unaccompanied: You must be accompanied by someone who is at least

Highway Code

The Ins and Outs of eco safe driving

What does ecosafe driving achieve? Improved road safety: Eco-safe driving improves road safety while simultaneously being ecologically friendly and useful in lowering your gasoline expenditures because