Review – Scam or legit (it’s too good to be true)

By Alicia Jarvis
Updated on March 5, 2021

Contents is a scam, don’t book your theory test with them.

Summary is most likely a scam, do not book your theory test with them. Instead book your test directly with the DVSA or with a more reputable unlimited booking service. – is a 3rd party theory test booking service that claims to provide unlimited resits, the offer is enticing but is it too good to be true? Their offer is simple, if you book a theory test with them you need to pass 10 practice tests online within 30 days. If you do they may book you a resit for free if you fail your theory test. However, one quick Google search for “ reviews” will show a plethora of negative reviews and issues.

Online reviews

Review platform Rating 1.3 of 5 1.4 of 5
TrustMamma 1 of 5 2.2 of 5
Across all the major review platforms, has been getting loads of bad reviews. Their customers are saying things like “they didn’t book my theory test and now I can’t contact them”, “Scammers”, and “Avoid at all costs”. Two points are coming up time and time again in TheTheoryTest’s reviews, theory tests not being booked and non-existent customer service.

Theory tests not being booked

Tests not getting booked is a common trend among’s reviews with an endless list of TrustPilot reviews complaining they took their money without booking their test. One reviewer said “They charged £45. Turned up at test centre in Brighton and my daughter had not been booked in.” and another saying “Booked the test and paid the £45.00 and never got as much as an email for anything”.

Poor customer service

TheTheoryTest’s customer service is also getting a lot of poor feedback in it’s reviews. Max Sutton said he “Never received any email or any form of contact from them” in his TrustPilot review. In another review one of their customers said “There’s no way to contact them.”