3 Quick Tips to Pass Your Theory Test

By Alicia Jarvis
Updated on February 7, 2021


Since 2007, the pass rate has changed from 65.4%* to 47.7%*. The test isn’t going to get easier, but the way that you prepare can change for the better.

You don’t want to waste the £23 that you are spending on your theory test, so you might as well try your hardest to pass first time!


In this article, we are going to run through these tips:

  • Knowing what is in the test
  • Revision & practice 
  • Knowing what to take

Knowing what is in the test

One of the most important steps in order to pass the first time is to know what is in the theory test, too many people enter their test without knowing the slightest information about it. Knowing what will happen prior to the test will give you more time to think about the test instead of what is going on.


The theory test is split into two parts, the multiple choice section and the hazard perception section.


The multiple choice section

In this first section, you need to answer 50 questions in 57 minutes. In order to pass, you need to get at least 43 correct answers. Just remember that you do have 57 minutes, this gives you time to read and think about all of the questions. Don’t rush or panic!


If you have enough time at the end of the test, check back to make sure you are happy with the answers that you put. If you are then press the ‘Complete’ button.


The hazard perception section

In the second section, you will be shown a video of how it works, you will then have to watch 14 clips. These clips feature things you would see on the road every day, at least one ‘developing’ hazard – one of the clips contains two. To pass the hazard perception test, you will need to get 44 out of the 75 points available.


A developing hazard is something that would cause you to take action, like changing speed or direction. For each of these, you can score up to 5 points. 


You only will get one attempt on each clip, so try your best!


Revision & practice 

There are multiple ways to revise, however, we will help you find which will be most useful for you. In a previous article, we have gone more in-depth to each of these. 


The main way that people revise is through the DVSA’s official website. This is very good to revise as it is reliable and from the people who give you the theory test.


Knowing what to take

It is very important that you remember to take your plastic provisional licence to your theory test, if you do not bring it, you will not be able to take your test. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, you are also required to wear a mask (surprisingly!). 



These 3 short tips should help you in passing your next theory test, we hope you learned something and remember to try your best!