Overtaking a motorcyclist

By Alicia Jarvis
Updated on August 2, 2021


Why should you allow extra room while overtaking a motorcyclist on a windy day? 

The rider may be blown in front of you – If you’re driving in heavy winds, be aware that a motorcyclist (or cyclist) may veer or wobble as a result of the weather. Consider this if you’re following or attempting to overtake a two-wheeled vehicle.


Overtaking at night

You’ll need to be particularly cautious if you try to overtake at night.

It’s more challenging because you can only see so much. Overtake only if you can see that the road ahead will remain clear until you’ve completed the manoeuvre. Don’t overtake if there’s a chance you’re approaching:

  • A road intersection/junction.
  • A bend in the road.
  • A hidden dip in the road.
  • Except on a dual highway, the brow of a bridge or hill.
  • A pedestrian crossing.
  • Road markers showing double white lines ahead, or if there is a chance there will be.
  • A car passing on the right or turning right.
  • Any other possible hazard.