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Find everything you have to know to ace your theory test.

Practical test

Overtaking a motorcyclist

Why should you allow extra room while overtaking a motorcyclist on a windy day?  The rider may be blown in front of you – If you’re

Theory Test

Emerging from a side road

You’re waiting to come out of a side road. Why should you look carefully for motorcycles? Motorcycles can easily be hidden behind obstructions – If you’re

Theory Test

Traffic calming measures

How should you drive in areas with traffic-calming measures? At a reduced speed – Road humps, chicanes, and narrowings are traffic-calming features designed to slow automobiles

Theory Test

UK vehicle watch schemes

What will help you to keep your car secure? Registering with a Vehicle Watch scheme – The Vehicle Watch programme helps to lessen the likelihood

Theory Test

Dealing with long vehicles

You’re following a long vehicle as it approaches a crossroads. What should you do if it signals left but moves out to the right?  Stay

Theory Test

Tractors on dual carriageways

What type of vehicle uses an amber flashing beacon on a dual carriageway?  A tractor – An amber flashing beacon on a vehicle signals that it